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Hot Tub Hire Golden Package Weekend Hire £250 Weekday £100

Hot Tub Hire Golden Package Weekend Hire £250 Weekday £100


Our Hot Tub Hire Golden Package includes Hot Tub for 6 (six) adults, Gazebo, Ambient light, Karaoke with Bluetooth speaker 🔈

Weekend Hire £250 Weekday £100


How it works


To book now you only have to pay a £25 booking fee. Which will be deducted from your total amount.  For any add ons, questions and queries please do not hesitate to contact us. 


1 - Pay here your booking deposit. 

2 - Receive confirmation.

3 - Pay the final amount once the set-up is complete. Online, via BAC or cash.  An ID Picture / Person needs to be provided. The paperwork is all done online. We will send you a quick form and your items will be ready for delivery. No extra fees or charges. Making it the perfect gift. Hire a hot tub. 


The total final costs can be settled upfront or on the day, not later. After we are all set and your remaining has been cleared, you are ready to enjoy and begin your hot tub hire. 


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